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biocatalyst PowerPlusMPG

Offer type: salePublished: 03.07.2011
Seller:Ksenofontova Elena
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Address:Russian Federation
Fuel prices are constantly growing! FORECAST FOR NEXT YEAR no consolation, EXPECTED TO INCREASE OIL PRICES. But there is a way to save money on fuel and still the possibility zarabotat.U I have a very good offer for both car owners and for those who want to earn. On the Russian market the company entered PowerPlusMpg recently though has been successfully operating for over 10 years in 97 countries, developing international business at the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel with a product, the biocatalyst PowerPlusMpg-fuel is a liquid additive into the fuel, the use of which is guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption in a technically sound engines (up to 40% or more.) One bottle 15ml is enough for 540-600 gallons of gasoline or 340-400 liters of diesel fuel! Consumption: 1kaplya to 1L of petrol.
The advantages of using the biocatalyst PowerPlusMPG:
• Optimize the process and increases the rate of fuel combustion;
• Reduces fuel consumption by 20 to 40% or more;
• Increases engine power by 10 - 15%;
• Cleans the fuel system, combustion chambers, spark, jets, jets;
• Does not affect rubber seals and hoses;
• Reduces the noise of the engine;
• Reduces the cost of maintenance and repair of engine and fuel system;
• In the cold season is much easier engine starting, especially diesels;
• Extends the life of a car engine;
• Reduces CO, CH in the exhaust gas is 3-4 times;
• Significantly reduces the harm to the environment;
• Excellent opportunity to build your business;
• Absolutely safe for the engine! Since this is - Biological products;
• No change in octane number of gasoline!
99% is made from the same raw materials and fuel that
This know-how and no counterparts. Even Japanese companies use the product. Not to be confused with additives that increase the octane number of gasoline, bringing the engine to do more harm than good. Have all certifications. Successfully tested in Russia.
EARN TO SAVE PETROL biocatalyst forAnd diesel fuel easy and simple! INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS FOR YOU!
Go to the website click WWW.POWERPLUSMPG.COM/27RUS top right of the Russian flag and read in Russian.
Write, call. Answer all questions. CONTACT: tel. (4212) 77-59-61, mob. 914 544 59 61, E-MAIL:, Skype: veritasvitae