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Fertilizer environmental and universal

Offer type: salePublished: 12.04.2021
Price:6 100 UAH
Seller:Guti Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Berezan', Ukraine
Eco-friendly, complex fertilizer Ekoplant contains potassium (28-41%), phosphorus (4-5%), magnesium (8-12%), sulfur (6-9%), calcium (10-17%) and trace elements. Environmentally friendly because does not contain chlorine and nitrogen, but contains potassium and calcium, in the absence of which plants accumulate radionuclides. "Ekoplant" has certificate "Organic standard" recognized in the EU and Switzerland. Fertilizer made from plant material - ash sunflower. The results of tests of the national Institute of potato growing use of fertilizers has led to improved quantity and quality of yield, in particular an increased content of starch and vitamin C in the tuber, improving taste, reducing the amount of nitrates. The fertilizer complex and it is suitable for use under all agricultural crops, especially on acid soils, as it has a high neutralizing capacity. Ekoplant is alkaline (pH 10-11). The size of granules: 1,6-3 mm (small fraction), 3-6 mm (medium), the granules are non-hygroscopic. Price 6100 UAH with VAT per ton of stock, if you buy more than 20 tons will be a discount.

Also you can buy fertilizer ammonium sulphate (nitrogen: 21% sulfur: 24%), which is used as a starting spring fertilizer, which significantly enhances the growth of plants. Best ammonium sulfate is manifested in the abandoned soils, where the fertilizer causes a record harvest. Sold in big bags of 800 kg, the size of the granules of 4-6 mm, a friability of 100%. Price - 4950 UAH. VAT per ton in the warehouse.

Call 066 703 83 80, Alexander.