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Buy crushed polystyrene UMP color white

Offer type: buyPublished: 04.10.2019
Company:OOO Polimers
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Buy waste polystyrene. Crushed polystyrene (PS-UPM), color white, gray, black, colored. Washed and unwashed. Volumes from 1 to 50 tons/month.
Waste polystyrene UPM (cover of the TV, the inside of the refrigerator, reels, wastebasket, trays, tubes, trays, etc.). The volume from 1 to 40 tons/month.
Outdoor advertising (signboards, billboards, volumetric letters, signs, plates, insides of the refrigerator and top of the TV).
Also purchase waste landfill (bulk):
cover televisions and refrigerators, furniture, cans, plastic drums, cans, syringes, buckets, scrap boxes, toys, caps, buckets of mayonnaise and fish, jars, scoops litter box beer, milk, sausage, plugs, birdbaths, lids from bottles, plastic waste cans, funnels, graters, colanders, buckets, mugs, lids for jars, bowls, grille shell, stand for utensils, dishes, pots for seedlings, jar from under yogurt, chairs, sunbeds, etc., children's toys and their parts (without fittings), cans, barrels, trash, trays, baths, rooms temporary registration, leaves, pruning, advertising, trays etc.

Coumo vahedi polistirolo. Pogrebnoi polistirol (PS-UPM), color Bily, Sri, Chorny, kolorowy. MITI I nemici. Obagi from 1 to 50 t / MS.
Vahedi polistirolo UPM (cover Telesur, nutros fridge, cups, Koshiki for paper, trays, tubes, trays and others). The volume from 1 to 40 t / MS.
Sunny advertising (wiki, reklamn site, Ob mn capital letter, bocachica, signs, nutros fridge I krisko Telesur).
Also sakupova polgon vahedi (bulk):
Crisco televiv I holodilnik, furniture, tazi, plastikov barrels, kantri, odnoraz of spritzy, vdra, scrap asiku, graske, plugs, vdera z-pid mayonnaise , protection, flasks, shovels for smittya box pivni, molochni, kolbasni, plugs, polki for pthv, crisci from plesac, vahedi plastikowe kantri, like, floats, drushlyak, cows, kurtki, crisci for cans, bowls, resdy for rakovini, pastewka for the dishes, jedlo, miners for rossati, jars of z-pid yogurts, STL, beds I etc., detach graske h skladov of Chastain (without armature), bdone, barrels, to SNI for paper, trays, baths, rooms tymczasowo restrac, listy, obrzky, advertising, trays and others
Tel.: (067) 591-49-39, (097) 414-39-54
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