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Spring wire, ribbon, sheet. Low-carbon wire.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.02.2018
Seller:----------------- Irina i Aleksandr
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Spring wire of different diameters. (1, 2 CL), GOST 9389-75 wire for cold heading GOST 5663-79. Steel tape tool and spring steel. GOST 21996-76 and GOST 2283-79. As well as low-carbon steel wire (knitting, nail-making, welding). From a warehouse in Moscow. Sale from the Bay. Delivery is possible, as well as direct postapproval spring of different diameters, GOST 9389-75 and 14963-78 and low-carbon wire (knitting, welding, OK, structural, cold heading). the Steel strip of tool and spring steel.(GOST 21996-76 and GOST 2283-79.) And spring leaves warehouse in the suburbs. Possible delivery and direct delivery vehicles from factories. Phone(499) 162-01-02(21), 161-62-03. Alexander, Irina.