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Barrel oak, Tubs, bathroom accessories, Glasses

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:250 UAH
Company:PP 'Bochich'
Seller:Vladislav Gritsun
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Tel (097).019.09.25
engaged in manufacturing of such products as oak barrels made from natural wood, oak tubs, barrels of oak, bath accessories. We believe that even in the household, it will be convenient, and most importantly nice without any chemistry, to have such products, for example those barrels of oak, mighty, has healing properties, wood. You can confidently use them as barrels for wine, barrels of beer, barrels for storage of fruit, pickled vegetables, tubs for water. Casks, barrels, bacieczki, tubs are perfect for winemakers, brewers and for use by ordinary people in household chores on the farm