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Granula polypropylene, pe100, pe80. llpde, hips, pp, ps, hdpe, PP grey,black. HDPE (hdpe), PP, PS, UPM(hips)

Offer type: salePublished: 15.07.2019
Company:FOP Korbachkov M.I
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Granula polypropylene, pe100, pe80. llpde, hips, pp, ps, hdpe, PP grey,black. HDPE (hdpe), PP, PS, UPM(hips)

Our secondary granule meets the following analogs of (we suggest to take samples for analysis):
HDPE 293 – Designed for the production of packages of 25 microns.
PND-277 – low pressure Polyethylene used for the manufacture by casting under pressure of household utensils, caps for aerosol packaging, medical syringes and needles, children's toys, large technical products.
PND-276 - By appointment 277 similar to HDPE, but is more soft, elastic, used mainly for production of articles by extrusion.
IPA 273 - For the production of gas and water pipes, fittings, adapters, for domestic water supply.
HDPE 271 - Intended for the manufacture of cable sheath, as well as various technical, including electrical, products.
PE 6148 – Designed for the production of tubular film for the production of thin bags.
Linear low-density polyethylene - Designed for the manufacture of extrusion film for industrial packaging bags, film production and film products for General purpose extrusion.
The composition of the high density polyethylene Composition is intended for processing by a method of blow molding products and household goods or for other applications.
LDPE 15803 premium grade - designed for the manufacture of films, bags, technical products, pipes, fittings, packaging, lids on the jar.
LDPE 153 first grade - intended for insulation, membranes and protective covers wire and cable extrusion.
LDPE 108 - For the production of molded products of small and large size, and profile-molded products, used as coating of anticorrosive protection apparatuses and pipes, working in conditions of aggressive environment. Also based on LDPE are made of the composition for insulating materials in cable industry and different film compositions.
PE 69 - Production of parts for pressure pipes grade PE-100.
PE 63 For the production of pressure pipes.
PE - 80, PE - 100 - For the manufacture of profiled moldings, fittings, etc. For a pipe polyethylene cold water supply, drainage, ventilation, gas supply systems, construction of external networks (water, artesian wells, gravity and pressure sewers, systems of land reclamation). For plugs, couplings etc
PP 01030, 21030 - For the production of stationery, films, products, toys. Processing by moulding, extrusion.
PP 01130 - Designed for the manufacture of pipes, sheets, molded articles, tapes, films, fibers, filaments, nonwovens and packaging materials, toys.
UPM-0508 is for manufacturing of technical products, parts of electronics and home appliances, and consumer goods. And for the production of polystyrene and polystyrene plates.
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