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Metal barrels 200 liters., 50 L drums. at competitive prices.

Offer type: salePublished: 06.05.2011
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Address:Republic of Belarus
OOO BARKOMO "- a dynamic organization that offers you the metal container 50l, 200l, the corresponding highest world standards.
In the production of packaging is a non-fat dry cold rolled steel 08ps, the compounds of the bottoms with the body were performed by a multilayer seaming with a sealant. The outer surface of the barrel powder coated with modern equipment.
We offer metal containers for the transport and storage - combustive materials: metal barrel BR 1A 1-200 (with tube) and BZ 1A 2-200 (with removable lid) with a volume of 200 liters, painted the outside of powder blue paint (the inner surface is painted on request buyer).
- Ethyl Alcohol: Barrel Metal cooked BR 1A 1-200C (with two evroprobkami) volume of 200 liters, evroprobka and air valve are able to lead seal, painted the outside of powder paint.
Drum BT 1 B-50 with filler neck and cap in the package and the drum 1B BT-50 with evroprobkoy, a cap and cover hatch (evroprobka and air valve) have an opportunity for sealing, coating the outer surface - polymer.
Specifications for containers: 1) Barrel 200 liter: - Height - 845mm. - Diameter - 594mm. 2) a metal drum capacity of 50 liters: - Height - 465mm. - Diameter - 400mm. For all inquiries please contact 37529 66-55-372 Yuri, e-Mail: