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Repair of hydraulic pumps testing bench

Offer type: salePublished: 28.06.2020
Seller:Fiatov Genady
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Melitopol'
Repair of hydraulic pumps testing stand.
Repair of hydraulic motors, geronisos, hydraulic control valves, gerasenkov, check valves and hydraulic cylinders in Melitopol, on the premises of our company will allow You to get a quality service and significantly save money, because we are not brokers, and manufacturers.
The company has a test plant, where is installed 4 hydraulic test stand.
All checked, everything.
1) Check the newly received hydraulic aggregates, for which the service is ordered "Troubleshooting the hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor with a full load" - in this case, we are very often able to identify the fault, manifested at full throttle and after a long period of time.
2) Check the hydraulic pumps or hydraulic motors, after the capital repair.
3) Check any hydraulic units, which came to us for an extended break-in.
4) Check on the other stands hydraulic power units: hydraulic motors, directional control valves, pilot operated check valves, hydraulic check valves.
5) Conduct comparison tests, when two identical test benches are tested by identical hydraulic units.
In the state of repair of our company is engineers, engineers-hydraulic, operators, testing facilities, specialists, radiographers, specialists are toolmakers.
Develop Technical specifications for such repair work.
Use the documentation of the manufacturers.
High level of technical knowledge and special skills of our experts allows to carry out remedial repairs to the main pump of excavators to carry out emergency repairs and to eliminate the consequences of a rupture of the case.
Process Troubleshooting fix video.
The testing process included in the video.
We work with private individuals and enterprises of different ownership forms.
In any case, the cost of the work agreed with the customer in the relevant specifications.
Payment as cash and cashless payments, including PDV ( VAT ).
Send units past the overhaul of the entire territory of Ukraine.
Take any special equipment restoration and overhaul.