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Granule for containers,bottles,pipes HDPE. PS-UMP, PPR polypropylene

Offer type: salePublished: 18.05.2020
Company:FOP Korbachkov M.I
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Enterprise on processing of polymers offers constantly washed, filtered secondary granule:
1) low pressure Polyethylene. For the production of packages, bottles, cans, tubes, etc. Color: green, red, white, yellow, blue, black, blue, cherry, brown, purple. Volume 10-30 T.
2) Pipe polyethylene, pipe granule. For the production of polyethylene (PE) pipe. . The color is black. The amount of 10-50 t
3) low density Polyethylene (starting material - a beer box). Volume 15 T. Color is black.
4) low-pressure Polyethylene . Used for the manufacture by casting under pressure. Colors white, blue, yellow, green, red, grey, blue, black. The volume of 10-20 T.
5) high-impact polystyrene . For polystyrene, utility.goods. Colors - white, black, grey, red, blue, blue, yellow. Volume 10-30 T.
6) Polypropylene secondary.For the production of various goods etc. Colors – black, grey, white. The volume of 10-30 t..
7). Secondary granule for the production of roofing, tile, etc Color - dark. The volume of 50 tons.
8) the Granule of PP analogue A4, a10 . Feedstock – big-run, separate solid raw materials
Application in casting: fittings, containers (including thin), toys, hangers, dowels, trays, buckets, basins, forms of plants, and other consumer goods.
Application in extrusion: pipe, bandage tape, twine, boxes with flexible hinges, parts with multiple bend.
Also suitable for products color.
Colors: light grey, black.

At your request, our company will provide quality certificates, as well as the conclusion. Also, if necessary, can be modified under requirements of the customer.
If you want to order the secondary polyethylene, and other polymeric materials, call on these phones. Tel.: (067) 5914939, (097) 4143954. Anastasia.
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