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Secondary granules LDPE. Granules PS. Secondary outage. Secondary HDPE. Pipe polyethylene.

Offer type: salePublished: 10.06.2019
Company:FOP Korbachkov M.I
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
1. Secondary granules LDPE. We have granules of different colors:
Pellets light, natural, undyed colors, ideal for extrusion of tubes, films, sheets, cans, trash bags, and can also be used for casting a wide range of plastic products.
With a brownish or grayish tinge are suitable for molding of any plastic products, and also for the manufacture of some thick-walled articles by extrusion.
Black suitable for the manufacture of pipes, hoses, sheets, cans, foils, garbage bags and other products.
2. Pellets stretch film secondary treatment
These pellets are made from waste warehouse stretch film. There are different colors:
Natural with a General brownish or grayish tint is ideal as an additive during extrusion of the film or molding of plastic products, as well as for composite materials.
Black suitable for extrusion of stretch film and other products.
3. Secondary granules of PP
Suitable for the casting of wide range of plastic products used in the furniture industry, construction and other fields. Ideal for casting small accessories and for the manufacture of large parts.
Color — black, gray
4. IPA 273, 277 secondary granules, black (used high-quality dye masterbatch).Volume 40 tons/month.Application: For the manufacture profiled molded ed.naporn. Pipes(gas-water), etc.
5. High-density polyethylene - analogue 158 (LDPE,LDPE). Source material - polypropylene films.
The amount of 15 t/month. Application: For small and large blow molding products, 6. heat shrink, thin films, films for General purpose caps under the Bank etc
6. Secondary granule for the production of polyethylene(PE) pipe. Secondary granule for the production of polyethylene pipes - LDPE 50%+HDPE 50%. The color is black.
In the presence of several formulations with different percentages of polyethylene of low and high pressure.
Maybe to make composition under Your material. For example: 30% -70%, etc. Amount to 50 MT/month.
7. Secondary granule high impact polystyrene (UPM), the source material - the inside of the refrigerator, lid of television. Color gray, black, blue, yellow, red. The volume of 15-20 tons/month.

We guarantee high quality of traded material. In the production of secondary granules and " hog " fuel is under constant quality control at each stage of production: the primary sorting of waste (foil or plastic) and directly in the processing of sorted waste (aglomerarea, crushing, pelleting). The finished granule is also verified and classified according to several parameters (density, purity, color, etc.).