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The Nutcracker cone K - 100

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.08.2021
Price:72 400 UAH
Seller:Lapa Andrej
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast'

Industrial Nutcracker cone compression type 100 is a new segment in the category of equipment for large-scale processing of walnut. The Nutcracker 100 in its capabilities and performance not inferior to large production machines, the quality of the raw materials, but the performance in orahome less ideal for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Price category of oreganol much lower and will allow everyone who plans to start a nut business, buy the Nutcracker To 100 for walnut processing. Industrial Nutcracker 100 is cone type split, which offers quality and gentle chopping walnuts.

The benefits of oreganol To 100:

  • Unique cone principle of division, in which a pair of plates carefully split the walnut shells around the perimeter, keeping the core intact.
  • The highest yield of the whole kernel of walnut – up to 70%.
  • A minimum of noise and debris when working with the equipment.
  • The Nutcracker does not require calibration nut that simplifies the process of walnut processing and saves time.
  • The function of adjusting the clearance between the piercing plates allows you to adjust the Nutcracker under the desired caliber walnut without interrupting the workflow.
  • For proper and smooth operation of oreganol need just one person.

The principle of operation of oreganol To 100: walnuts from the hopper through the vibration consists of 8 compartments, served the nut to the shaft located on it with bolts, and those in turn gently lowered the nut pressing the cone plate. The split nut takes place by the simultaneous and uniform compression of the two plates, which compress all 8 nuts. After the split, a nut goes into the discharge compartment further bulkhead.