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Foamed polystyrene granules

Offer type: salePublished: 10.04.2018
Price:115 000 RUR
Company:OOO Oborudovanie i tehnologii
Seller:Vladimir Petrovich .
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Address:Russian Federation, Voronezhskaya Oblast', Voronezh
We offer You a continuous foaming bubbles of foam or Styrofoam.
By purchasing this set, you will be able to foam pellets of polystyrene to obtain Styrofoam balls of different diameter.
You don't need to spend thousands of dollars for a huge capacity. With this setup, you can just get the balls of foam, which are widely used in construction and everyday life!
Easy operation.
Low maintenance
Our advantages:affordable prices, reliable and quality products.

Applications of polystyrene beads:
the insulation boards of the Foundation and walls;
in the production of polystyrene;
in the form of shock-absorbing mats;
for the device roofing flat slope;
for mixtures with concrete or cement with Styrofoam chips;
for thermal insulation of pipe trench;
for the manufacture of cement-sand screed;
as the best loose-fill insulation for walls with an air gap.

Contact person: Vladimir Petrovich.
Mob. +7 953 477 23 51