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OST "the Director Astrahan" Dispenser for automatic packaging of condensed milk. jam, honey in jars and cans

Offer type: salePublished: 06.04.2018
Seller:Gerasimenko Sergej Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Chernivets'ka Oblast', Chernivtsi
Purpose: Automatic dispenser is suitable for automatic packaging of plastic products in jars and cans
Products: Plastic products, such as condensed milk, jams. sauces, baby purees, etc.
Principle of operation: glass Jars or tin is installed on the conveyor, then gets on the sink (option), then moves through the zone germicidal UV processing, comes under the head of the dispenser. Depending on the number of heads dispenser (from 2 to 6), can be filled from 2 to 6 cans. If this dose is adjusted digitally from the control panel. Also installed sensors lack cans. The transition from packing in jars for packing in cans is carried out for a few seconds. Also installed control system "the last drop" and set the intermediate tank with a level sensor product., after dosing, the Bank on the conveyor enters the closure (option) and label (optional).
Maximum dose of 0.5 dm3
Performance - up to 1800 doses/hour
Power Supply: 220 Century, 50 Hz
Power - 1.5 kW
Occupied area: 2.5 x 2,2 m
Weight - not more than 280 kg
The conveyor can be produced from conventional and stainless steel (option)