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Model plastic RAKU-TOOL WB-1404

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Mihail Sergeevich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The proposed model plastic RAKU-TOOL WB-1404 production Rampf Tooling, Germany.

This material can be easily machined milling. When processing no education airborne dust.

The treated surface of the plate RAKU-TOOL WB-1404 fully meets the requirements. Waste milling is chips.
The material has a dense stable structure. Holds the geometry of the product, which allows the milling of complex configuration.

Noted the following features plastic model RAKU-TOOL WB-1404:
- the processing speed is much higher than aluminum;
- processed without chipping unlike other plastics, it is possible to obtain sharp edges without flaws;
tool wear is much less than in the processing of aluminum and even particle Board or plywood;
- uniformity of the structure of the material, no fibers, as in woody material that provides a smooth uniform surface;
- does not absorb moisture from the air, and WB-1404 generally not susceptible to water, even if you use a coolant;
- WB-1404 polished to a high gloss polishing paper;
- when forming noted that the mixture does not scratch plastic WB-1404, while on aluminum snap scratches. Due to the sliding surface models of plastic. Also provides good removal of the moldable mixture;
- model plastic snap-RAKU-TOOL WB-1404 2 times lighter than aluminum and is comparable in weight with a snap of wood-based materials;
- due to the possibility of bonding and fillers can be to glue blanks of different sizes and configurations, easily repaired.

A number of enterprises in Ukraine has tested and already applied polyurethane plate RAKU-TOOL WB-1404.

Polyurethane sheets RAKU-TOOL WB-1404, production Rampf Tooling, Germany can be used for the manufacture of various foundry model-core equipment working in the foundry industry.