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Manufacturer pramoting hangars

Offer type: salePublished: 06.03.2020
Price:1 250 UAH
Seller:Nesterenko Evgenij
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Premeschenie Angara is the most common type of hangars. They like a rule, are rectangular in plan, vertical walls and the roof. In order to buy prepotency hangar in Ukraine it is necessary to understand its purpose and overall size.

PE "TAF-87" will perform a load calculation, fabrication, delivery and installation of the hangar in accordance with issued technical conditions efficiently and in the prescribed period.

Experience more 8 years in fabrication of such structures. To perform order a labor resource, production area required transport, scaffolding, machinery and equipment (bending machine, guillotine, cutting and chopping machines).

Advantages pramoting hangar: simple and sturdy construction; maximum use of the useful volume; when removing wall it turns out the canopy; the possibility of extensions or add-ons; liquid secondary market; any height, width and length.

Disadvantages: relatively high cost per square meter square; the average construction speed (team of 6 people makes 200 sq. m. a week); stages of production (first foundations, then support, then farm, etc.).

Model design:

1. foundations — point, liquid piles;

2. support — paired channel;

3. farm profile pipe dimensions: 50х50х2 mm;

4. runs — profile pipe dimensions: 80х40х2 mm;

5. rail — profile pipe section from the hollow section 60x30x2 mm;

6. diagonal communication — profiled tube section from 50х50х2 mm;

7. roof — profiled sheet galvanized wave 57 mm with a trilaminar membrane;

8. walls — profiled sheet galvanized wave 20 mm;

9. gate — 1 PC with gate;

10. additionally light Windows and staircase.

Model dimensions:

1. width (single-span) — 9,0 m 12,0 m 18,0 m 24,0 m 30,0 m 36,0 m (multiple cutting metal);

2. width (2 or more of stairs) — not regulated, from 4.0 m to 240,0 m.;

3. length — 12.0 m, 15,0 m 18,0 m 20,0 m 24,0 m 30,0 m, etc. (multiples of cutting metal);

4. height useful: 3.2 m (loaders, light-duty trucks), 4,5 m (trucks), 6.0 m (dump trucks), of 8.0 or more (crane beam, output);

5. the slope from 10 cm M. p.

In hangar cost includes: the calculation of basic loads, raw materials, manufacture, delivery, Assembly, plating device vapor barrier, supporting documentation (technical passport, certificates the quality of the materials used, Assembly drawings of the main parameters and nodes, the manual of the module and its components).

Agreed separately on demand: drilling machine, truck-mounted crane, telescopic aerial platform, accommodation, electricity, water.

Average term of manufacturing of the hangar 24х40 m located in the Kharkiv region: 1-7 days training, days 8-20 manufacturer design, 15-25 days export to the place of installation, 21-40 days mounting frame with siding, 41-45 days revision.

Guarantee on Angara – 12 months!

For more detailed information and calculation cost, go to our special website at this link ( ) or call (050)915-05-38, (096)630-00-52, (063)687-67-88 Eugene.