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Granule LDPE film LDPE 1СОРТ

Offer type: salePublished: 12.04.2019
Company:FOP Korbachkov M.I
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
We offer high quality, granule of high-pressure polyethylene LDPE (LDPE) made from clean technological waste.
Granule LDPE natural color can be applied for the production of plastic covers, bags, LDPE film, air bubble films, etc.
Granules of LDPE in the pure form, it is possible to pull a film thickness of 10 µm
Also offer natural granules polyethylene low pressure HDPE

LDPE granule 1 grade (LDPE) films, packets of light.
Sell LDPE granule is of excellent quality.
Granule LDPE. The product from the manufacturer.
Sell pellet HDPE 1сорт

Granule LDPE 2 grade (158/153 LDPE films, packages).
Sell LDPE granule, the source is high-pressure polyethylene mark 158
We offer secondary granule LDPE (LDPE) produced from waste polyethylene marks 153
We offer secondary granule HDPE

Granule LDPE 3 grade (LDPE shrink, film, bags).
We offer LDPE granule good quality.
The source of LDPE shrink film.
Also offer HDPE granule dark, the source of technological waste low pressure polyethylene with flexographic printing.

Granule LDPE film LDPE breast, white.
Sell LDPE granule "milk", radical white.
Granule LDPE milk white high quality.
Used in the production of films, bags, LDPE bags and other products made of polymers.
The white secondary granule HDPE

Granule LDPE film LDPE breast, with a touch.
Sell LDPE granule breast protectors, tint.
Is formed in the processing of LDPE waste in the transition (pellet mill) with a white color, or white color.
Used in the manufacture of LDPE films, LDPE packages adding white dye turns the white color or the products where the color of the film is not regulated.
Also used in the manufacture of other products of LDPE pipe, corrugated pipe, barrels, etc.
In the sale of HDPE granule

Granule LDPE grey, black
We offer secondary granule LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) white and black color
The source of the produced granules LDPE waste LDPE film technology, as well as film waste with flexographic printing.
Used in the production of technical films, LDPE bags, packages such as BMW, pipes, etc.
We also offer HDPE granule grey and black.