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Counter electronic For-24 (free shipping)

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2018
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Seller:Belousov Evgenij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Counter electronic For-24 (free shipping)

Electronic meter fuel К24 is designed to account for fluids with small viscosity - diesel, kerosene, gasoline. The measurement error is +/- 1 %, sufficient for on-farm use.
Such a metering device can be installed on the dispensing hose or line. It is advisable to screw it directly to the input of the gun - the small size and weight allow it. This placement gives the most accurate accounting of fuel.
The advantages of the model
An important advantage of the counter К24 - easy to install. The installation does not need to consider the direction of flow. Through this device the fuel can be pumped in both directions.
The uniqueness of this meter is that the readings of the cumulative scale, if necessary, reset. When the maximum values can be reset and begin a new countdown.
When installed on the entrance of the gun is convenient to control the amount of discharged fuel and the flow rate (the indication of the flow velocity). You can also change the position of the display for ease of reading.
Body strength and high impermeability of the cell in which is located the electronic Board allow to use the device not only indoors, but also outdoors in any weather.
Design features and working principle
The housing is made of aluminum or reinforced plastic (depends on modification).
The principle of operation of turbine. Passing the fuel spins the turbine, made of polypropylene, inside the meter and with the intensity of rotation data is read.
Accounting data is displayed on the LCD. One-time consumption by 5-bit scale floating-point (from 0.1 to 99 999 litres), total amount of discharged fuel by 6-bit (maximum of 999 999 l).
There is a calibration function, which is described in detail in the instructions to the device.
Power supply is provided by two AAA batteries, a charge which lasts for several years. When removing the battery (to replace) the data of the cumulative scale is preserved.
Choosing an electronic fuel meter К24 , it is necessary to consider the instability to low temperatures. Display LCD is broken if the temperature is below -10 degrees, which is associated with the properties of liquid crystals.
It is recommended to use these flow meter fine filter. This will greatly prolong the service life of the counter.
Version with aluminum housing suitable for pumping gasoline, but if you need a certificate of protection


Manufacturer Geko

Country of origin Poland

Condition New

Power Batteries disposable