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The meter is mechanical for pumping diesel fuel

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2018
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Seller:Belousov Evgenij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The meter is mechanical for pumping diesel fuel

Counter for fuel (flow meter) FM 120 – designed for non-accounting released diesel fuel into the tanks of vehicles. This fuel meter is equipped with a mechanism for resetting the pointer of a single account to zero, drum and pointer display the total records. The fuel meter is lightweight, easy to operate, inexpensive and reliable.

The fuel meter (flow meter) is specially designed for non-commercial use.

The device of the meter (flowmeter):
Counter type diz. fuel disc. Body parts of the pump made of cast aluminum alloy. To the case of diesel fuel meter (flow meter) FM-120 establishes a mechanism of accounting that has the ability to mount rotates 90 degrees, allowing you to Orient it in various positions. The fuel meter has a calibration screw, which is adjusted the precision of the leave. This setting should perform equipment specialist for tank farms with practical skills and the appropriate level of training.

Arm reset is used to reset the flowmeter diz.fuel the testimony of a single account.

Technical specifications of flow meter FM-120 :

Fuel type: diesel, kerosene;
Capacity: 20-120 l/min;
Maximum operating pressure: 0.3 MPa;
Margin of error: ±1%;
The limit pointer a single: 9999 l;
Limit the total index: 99999999 l;
Operating temperature: -10-+45 ° C;
Fitting size: 1”G (EXT.thread);
Dimensions: 185х185х170 mm;
Weight: 1.9 kg.
The fuel meter (flow meter) FM-120 has features:
The compactness and simplicity of operation;
Do not require formation of the fluid flow;
Do not require additional equipment;
Easy installation and operation;
Maximum equipment from the vendor.