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Gas station, mini gas station to pump DT 220W

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2018
Price:4 555 UAH
Seller:Belousov Evgenij
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Address:Ukraine, Ternopil's'ka Oblast', Ternopil
Gas station, mini gas station to pump DT 220W

Mini gas station made in Poland .

We Sell without intermediaries .

High Quality at low price.

Best offer.

A large number of goods in the warehouse.



The pump is designed for pumping fuel type (diesel, fuel oil).

The inlet valve is used to connect the output pipe made of metal that increases its durability.
Very strong and powerful engine.
The SWITCH is PROTECTED by a valve to prevent accidental on / off of the pump.
The counter shows the exact amount of fuel injected (point accuracy of ± 0.5-1%), which allows accurate dosing with any tank.

There is also a shared-somany counter which shows us the overall information about shed litres
Pump is fully equipped and staffed for operation requires only a connection of 220 Volts.


- Engine power 1850 W

- Bandwidth ? 60 l/min

- Voltage 220 V 50 Hz

- Maximum suction depth ? 5 m

- The maximum height ? 15 m

- Maximum pumping distance up to 100m

- Engine ? 2800 rpm

Package contents:

Gun refills razor

- The suction hose ? 1.7 m

- The hose to the gun ? 2.5 m

- Strainer with non-return valve

- Clamps, gaskets, connections.

Indispensable equipment for any businesses that are associated with the transfusion of fuel , Filling station, mini gas station to pump DT 220W with mechanical counter Geko Max will give you the convenience , speed of pumping and the joy of use .