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Gas station mini gas station to pump 60Лмин

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2018
Price:4 650 UAH
Seller:Belousov Evgenij
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv
Gas station mini gas station to pump 60Лмин

Engine power: 1,85 kW-2800 r/min 230 / 50 Hz
Performance max: 60L/min
Pressure: 3 atmospheres (3bar)
Height transmission fuel: up to 15 m (vertical)
Transmission distance of fuel: up to 100 m (horizontal)
Length suction hose: about 2m
Length of the output hose: approximately 2 m
Weight about: 20 kg
Hose diameter: 1" - 25mm
Suction hose, reinforced

Advantages of the pump
the pump itself sucks the fuel, it is not necessary to fill in
high performance (2400l/h)
high quality, metal valve
hose running 2m on chain
suction hose 2m chain

The set
Gun to supply with lock
Suction hose 2m
The hose connecting the gun to the pump 4m
The set of ferrules and clamps
Check valve
Valve connector IBC