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Tractor Zoomlion (Zoomlion) RK-504 cab and reverse

Offer type: продамPublished: 24.12.2019
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Address:Hlevakha, Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine
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Zoomlion RK-504 – tractor with a heated cabin, a reverse and a new modern design. Has a number of preferred characteristics: all-wheel drive, 4-cylinder diesel engine 50 HP, high thrust, small turning, easy operation, easy maintenance, wide range of applications, that allows to relate the model to the category of universal.

Out operational capabilities increase tractor wide tires, hydraulic distributor with two hydropram with removable fluid couplings, compressor with receiver (supports pressure up to 8 ATM), pneumatic brakes and pnevmonit. The maximum possible resource and solid performance engine provides the inertial air filter-oil bath type with a large height of the air intake. For transmission and hydraulic systems of tractors have separate oil bath.

Front axle suspension, gantry type. Metal mesh in front of radiator, muffler with protective netting. Starting in the winter easier installed on each cylinder glow plug, as the coolant system of the tractor used antifreeze. Central screw with a hook. Mechanical corrugating rear wheel has three mounting positions, and a spring damper, which significantly improves the copying of the working bodies of agricultural machines the local terrain and reduces shock loads.

The complete set of a tractor allows you to effectively use all technical parameters related to trafficability, maneuverability and long-term operation. The equipment of Zoomlion model RK-504 includes:

two metal fuel tank located at the bottom;
power steering with independent hydraulic circuit, pump and tank;
two hydraulic pumps;
powerful linkage;
front cargo;
front towing device;
double disc clutch;
rear tow hitch pendulum with adjustable length and height;
socket for trailer.
2-speed PTO;
differential lock rear axle;
portable drives front and rear wheels;
suspended pedal (reduce the pressure and improve the operator's comfort), separate brake pedal.

Estipona, permanent, spacious, acoustic/thermally insulated and pressurized cab on the shock absorbers with the safety frame rollover protective structure (ROPS). Two-speed heating and ventilation with cabin air filters mounted in the ceiling. To improve the microclimate has a fan with a protective mesh. Electric windshield wiper for clearing the windshield. In stock radio with USB port and speakers. Rear glass opens and is supported by shock absorbers.

Comfort control provides flat floor of the working area with a rubber Mat, footboard, rails (racks on the cab, fenders and doors), wide passage, the tool box. Suspension seat with safety belt adjustable for weight and height. Brake pedal and clutch have supports to prevent slippage of the feet of the operator to control the tractor. To control the parameters of safe operation of installed electronic combination instrument panel, alarm, sound an alarm, flashing light yellow color and protection against accidental start-up.

Stylish updated design elements (wings on the front wheels, powerful optics with three pairs of headlights, front and rear working lights, spherical mirrors, stylish rear lights, rear reflectors) create additional necessary conditions for comfortable and safe operation.

Engine model A498BT.
Wheel formula 4x4, pluggable front axle.
Power, HP/kW 50/36,8.
Number of cylinders 4.
Working volume, cm3 3168.
Fuel type diesel.
Engine cooling liquid.
Type air filter of the inertial-oil.
Glow plug on each cylinder.
The number of gears in the transmission (4+4)X3, reverse.
Type clutch disc.
Weight kg 2715.
Front/rear cargo, kg 144/no.
The nominal tractive effort, kN 12.
The capacity of the sample, kg 880.
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 4030/1650/2230.
Wheelbase, mm 2020.
Front wheels track, mm 1250-1350.
Rear track, mm 1200-1500.
Ground clearance mm 325.
Differential lock is.
The size of the front tire 8.3-20.
Rear tire size 12.4-28.
Servo hydraulic.
Number of pumps 2.
The Parking brake is.