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Buy waste of plastics: a crushed polystyrene-PS, a form of paving - polypropylene, HDPE, injection molding, blow molding

Offer type: buyPublished: 01.03.2019
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Enterprise for its own needs constantly buys waste polymers:
1. Bottle HDPE (detergents, shampoos, etc).
2. The canister HDPE (oil).
The volume from 3 to 40 tons/month. The material must be baled and pressed.
3. Crushed polystyrene (PS-UPM), color white, gray, black,colored. Washed and not washed.
Volumes 1 to 20 tons/month.
4. Pallets polyethylene - PE, polypropylene - PP.
Amounts of from 3 to 20 tons/month.
5. The tube from PET bottles. Color is not important. In crushed form, and in the source.
The volume of 0.500 kg - 10 tons/month.
6.Crushed PP (PP-box not to offer). Color is not important. Volumes up to 15 tons/month.
7. Crushed box HDPE. Color any. Volume 40 tons/month.
8. Crushed the syringe. The volume of 1 t
9. The stretch film. Capacity from 2 tons to 50 tons/month.
10. Crushed bottle. Colors and mixed. The volume of 10-15 tons/month.
11. Crushed canister (oil). The volume of 15-20 tons/month.