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The thermostat TAF 1110

Offer type: продамPublished: 15.03.2018
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Address:Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Ukraine

1. Technical data.

The temperature setting range:

the lower a value of +12 OS

the upper value of +82 OS

Rated voltage: 220V, +10%/-15% 50 Hz

Nominal switching current 10 A AC1

The temperature difference of switching
(hysteresis) 3K

Clips attach flat plug rashami And 6.3-1,
(from network and load)
TGL 200-3854

The time constant of the sensor is not more than 30 C.

Dimensions sensor diameter 8,0–0,5 mm

                                                            long 28±2 mm

The position of operation any

The application class +5/+70/+30/95//0112

                                                            TGL 9200/03

2. Description.

Electronic the thermostat TAF 1110 is designed primarily for temperature regulation water electric storage water heaters. Application for temperature control other environments is possible with the manual operation.

Each the thermostat TAF 1110 consists of:

· the data processing unit TA and

· temperature sensor TF with connecting wire and three-pole plug connector.

Set in the data processing unit of THE luminescent diode is used for indicating operation status in case of the applied voltage:

· faint glow – the regulator is disabled;

· strong glow – the controller is connected.

Electronic the thermostat TAF 1110 is a two-stage regulator, consisting of a transformerless unit, the power operational amplifier used as a trigger Schmitt, and output relay.

With the potentiometer may continuous task switching temperature within range of temperature setting. The potentiometer has an axis 4 mm in diameter with flat shape in its anterior part.

3. Installation

3.1. A data processing unit THAT

Option 1

Insert into plastic guide rails in the longitudinal or transverse directions printed Board.

Option 2

Insert the data processing unit to rear rail mount with two screws in the front.

Option 3

Diagonal attach the screws to the rigid base.

For all species the mount to provide insulation prikladu.

As the control buttons at the same time to provide a special performance with electric strength.

3.2. The temperature sensor TF.

The temperature sensor be placed in protective tubular casing with a diameter of 8.0±0.2 mm and reinforce it. When connecting the temperature sensor with three-pole plug connector on the PCB to consider is color coded. For connecting wires to provide appropriate structural measures (additional air gaps or insulation materials) required electric strength the entire device (1,25 kV when the protective grounding or 3.75 kV when the protective insulation).

Between protective casing and a sensor to provide a low value of thermal transition resistance.

4. Care.

Electronic temperature controller 1110 TAF working without a care.