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Masloobrazovateli continuous Ω-CM-4 (combined oil)

Offer type: salePublished: 22.11.2021
Seller:Zadrovskaya Ol'ga
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
The company "agropromservis" ( offers You masloobrazovateli for the combined oil OM-TM-4, designed for the production of high fat cream all existing types of butter, with the addition of vegetable fats, method of their transformation.
Working principle: Normalized to fat and moisture cream with a temperature of +60...70. The pump serves first in the first heat exchange cylinder masloobrazovateli, then sequentially pass through the second to the third and the fourth.
In each cylinder of the cream are cooled and intensive mechanical treatment due to the rotation of the pressure drum dismembrator special design. The quality of machining is ensured by a specific frequency of rotation of the pressure drum at different stages of the process.
The obtained oil temperature is +14...18°C through the exhaust manifold goes on packing.
Performance oil kg/h 800 1400...
Installed power, kW 10,4
Temperature, °C:
high fat cream at the entrance to +60...+70
oil output +14...+18
Coolant inlet:
water 0...+2
brine - 7
The pressure in the apparatus, MPa:
high fat cream 0,35
coolant 0,3
Overall dimensions, mm: HH
Weight,kg 920
Sector of activity of the company: hardware, and packaging for the food industry
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