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Seminar "How are supplies: supply chain management for sales, marketing and Finance"

Offer type: servicesPublished: 08.03.2013
Seller:Ermolina Mariya
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
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We offer unique corporate 4-hour seminar on the principles of supply chain for non-core professionals and managers.
How did the idea of this workshop?
-Firstly, from personal experience. Time after time we have seen that the quality of work of the organization is considerably better when related departments understand how their colleagues. Having extensive experience in the representation of the supply chain, we make it interesting, simple and clear.
Secondly, thanks to feedback from our customers. They reiterated that the need for such a seminar is, and that our training format is best suited for familiarization with the principles of supply.
How is it going?
-interesting: you play with us in the supply chain game
-available: you don't overload your memory with unnecessary terms
-interactively: we discuss issues and seek answers together
-useful: we rely on the materials and the specifics of your business
Why do we need it?
in order to realize personal experience that can make the supply chain and what its limitations
-to understand the critical points where the constraints can still be around
-to establish communication between departments - and consequently, to improve the overall quality of work, level of customer service and sales
Experience shows that understanding is the key to successful work. The seminar, conducted in an interactive form that allows employees from different departments of the company on their own experience to feel how the supply chain that affect the availability of goods in stock and what you need to know in advance the SCM Department to ensure the promotion and sales plans real products.
Duration: 4 hours.
The seminar is held in your office or in our room - your choice.
The cost of the seminar: 50,000 rubles per group (from 6 to 16 people) in our area, 40,000 rubles per group in your office.
When conducting a workshop outside Moscow takes into account the costs of trainers on travel and accommodation.
You can enjoy the seminar and ask questions via the order form on the website, or by mail to
We will be glad to help you and answer all your questions!