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Buy harvest oak

Offer type: buyPublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Bucina DDD spol. s r.o.
Seller:Andrej Goshovskij
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Address:Slovak Republic

Today, the company Bucina DDD spol. s r.o. , Zvolen, Slovakia is one of the largest manufacturers of particleboard and furniture Board in Western Europe.

In the month produced 960 m3 furniture Board. Until the end of the year we plan to increase production up to 1000 m3/month, therefore looking for new suppliers.

Constantly buy the workpiece oak / bar, ChMP/ short - HH,320,370,420,470,520,570,620 mm , side HH-620 mm and HH-620 mm, that is, purchases are conducted according to the program - the basic size and side or, as desired, only the main size... All their new suppliers we learn to work under our SPECIFICATIONS, to avoid misconception, or complaints.

If it is possible to produce such products please send your request by email: - Please do not forget in his letters to indicate contact numbers, occupation of the company - the manufacturer or intermediary, the amount of pererabotki tree, what products to produce, based on the export or only in Ukraine, as well as the location of production and the place possible zatamojka of cargo for export. In response to such a request will send the most current specifications. Always can agree to meet in Ukraine / once a month I am on a business trip in Ukraine and personally to discuss all the details of possible cooperation.

Ukraine the products we buy are already more than 8 years. In addition to Ukraine, the products we buy almost all of Western Europe, as well as in Croatia and Serbia.

Happy to answer any additional questions.


Andrey Hoshovsky

Bucina DDD, spol. s r.o., Zvolen, Lucenecka cesta 1335/21, Slovakia

words. mob. +421907 810 738 , Ukr. mob. 097 611 60 30 /enabled only during business trips in Ukraine/

a +421 45 5301 991, Fax: +421 45 5301 993