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Buy optical lab equipment

Offer type: куплюPublished: 27.08.2018
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Buy on a permanent basis, of optical equipment and accessories.



Microscopes tool - 100x50 IMTS; IMTS 150х50; BMI-1; UIM-23; UIM-24; deep 3; DIP-6

Accessories for microscopes tool: rotary tables for all models ( especially models of BMI and IMTS 150х50 ).


Optical equipment: optical bench, especially USC-2 ( they can be multiple numbers ); quadrant KO-60 and so on.

Interested and accessories for such equipment, and spare parts.

It may be possible to consider the equipment from storage, and used, under recovery ( or dismantled ).


Interested in all sorts goniometric head.

In any condition, both storage and recovery.


Interested in optical equipment in any condition and equipment:

Projector measuring PI-300ЦВ

The optical dividing head, EDGE - 20

The optical dividing head, EDGE - 5

Head and optical dividing EDC - 60

- Head dividing UDG-160

- Head dividing UDG-200

- Head dividing UDG-250

The autocollimators ACT-15

The autocollimators AKU-1

The autocollimators AKU-0,5

- Steeloscope SLU

Spectrometer, wavelength 254

- Centering plates

- Tables with micrometric movements

- Gas lasers

Optical profile grinding machines machine model 395M

- other