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Pellet mill for production of pellets and granules (Czech Republic). Equipment for fuel pellets, pelletizing.

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2020
Price:2 500 EUR
Seller:Severin Maksim
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Address:Poltava, Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast'

Want to make energy for heating and don't know where to start? Interested in You the own production of feed mixtures or fertilizer?

Take waste from Your production much space and think about how it to reduce? Call us or write and we will gladly advise you how to do.

These presses designed for the production of pellets for heating, mixing and to reduce the amount of material. Their huge advantage is the low
the purchase price, which makes purchasing them even for single-family home or small farm. Is designed to quite light, allowing the manipulation with them is simple. Each press for the production of pellets manufactured for a specific customer application, based on his economic requirements, the type of material it will process, and in according to its technological capabilities.

Plastic lubrication of the bearings with a dropping point of up to 300°C, the protection not only
bearing but also the shaft.

-Swedish high quality bearings under the matrix protect the lead gear train, and coupling Hardy.
-Val rolls made from Swiss steel, highly Verdasco, viscosity, and, above all, elasticity.
German bearings in the rolls at temperatures up to 200°C provide a smooth ride the press and protect the shaft from bending.
-Switch with surge protection and minimum voltage ensures
engine protection when pellets of solid materials.
-High quality engine running even under high loads and ensures constancy of performance of the press in the pellet.

Model for wood to feed the Engine
GE 120 to 75 kg/h. up to 100 kg/h. 3 kW
GE 120 to 75 kg/h. up to 100 kg/h. 4 kW
GE 150 up to 120 kg/h. up to 150 kg/h. 4 kW
GE 150 up to 120 kg/h. up to 150 kg/h. 5.5 kW
GE 150 up to 120 kg/h. up to 150 kg/h. 7.5 kW

Model Engine Price
GE 120 Pro agro 3 kW 2500 Euro
GE 120 Pro+wood 4 kW 2650 Euro
GE 150 Pro agro 4 kW 3280 Euros
GE 150 Pro+tree 5.5 kW 3430 Euros

The performance of machine tools largely depends on the nature of the material its quality, specific gravity, homogeneity, binding capacity, size and preparedness fractions, as well as humidity. Press performance to the production of pellets may be 0 kg/HR, if the material will be bad prepared or not suitable for pellets.

If material is correctly prepared, in the ideal case can be achieved performance, higher than that specified in the table, mainly in the pellets of feed mixtures.

The warranty on all of our machines is 12 months. After the warranty period provide after-warranty service and maintenance. Complete range of spare parts we always have in stock.

There's a lot of options equipment presses and accessories (screw, the metering bin, etc.) all the details by phone or email will reply to all.