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Sell the plow working plow Ibis L 4+1.Price 486 745 rubles.

Offer type: salePublished: 23.02.2014
Seller:Strahov Aleksandr Sergeevich
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Address:Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Yaroslavl
Ploughs Ibis series L - appreciated by many farms, both Russia and abroad. Ploughs Ibis L-series have 3 -5 buildings and have a low resistivity when plowing. These ploughs Ibis have a gripping width of 45 cm for hull - speed, with 90 cm distance between housings and bolted the protection system as standard. There is the possibility of equipping the plow Ibis driving roller. A variety of manufactured plows can satisfy the requirements of every customer, even the most demanding. Light and durable at the same time ploughs IBIS are easily adjustable, which allows them to do the job efficiently and economically. Standard plow IBIS equipped with bolt protection "IBIS B". If the plow hit obstacles, the body of the plow is raised and, having returned to its working position. To work in harsh conditions, you can add the leaves to the spring. Smooth disc blades - 450 mm with protection bolts or 480 mm fuse spring positioned after the last ploughing body, cut off the reservoir from the virgin soil, plant residues are much better covered, and the edge of the furrow remains smooth. Ploughs Ibis have 3 types of effective protection:
Special bolts fuses for work free from stones soils.
- Spring protection system. Suitable for use on rocky and heavy soils.
Hydraulic protection system. Universal solution, suitable for any conditions, reliable and modern solution.
Standard plow Ibis:
• protection bolt-fuse,
• knife,
• rocker support rubber wheel,
• kit Plotnikov.
Additional equipment ploughs Ibis:
• delicate dumps
• hydraulic or spring protection non-stop,
• skimmers
• support transport rubber wheel,
• driving rink Terra.
Model L3+ L3+1 L4+ L4+1 LS 3+ LS 3+1 LH 3+ LH 3+1
Weight, kg 850 1000 1150 1300 1050 1250 950 1100
Need power, HP 80÷90 90÷100 120÷140 80÷100 100÷120 80÷100 100÷120
The clearance under the frame, 72 cm
The distance between housings 90 see
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