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Customer-oriented supply chain. The course "Management of customer-oriented supply chain"

Offer type: servicesPublished: 27.02.2013
Seller:Ermolina Mariya
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
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The company Brightcolors is a new course from a recognized industry leader*,
Association for operations management APICS -
"Managing customer-centric supply chain"
Customer focus have been transformed from a fashionable word in a powerful competitive tool. But where and how is customer focus? If our company focuses on customer, what does this mean for the work of its supply chain and other business units? That should change in the internal processes and relations between departments? Is it really necessary to build your business from the customer?
APICS for the first time is the answer to all these questions in a compact and busy day course.
For whom:
The seminar will be useful for specialists and managers at all levels, regardless of their position on the career ladder. Although the course is primarily designed for employees of companies engaged in the production and distribution of products, the principles of customer-oriented approach presented here will be useful for representatives of many other business sectors, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, and utilities.
We recommend you to attend this seminar to all employees who regularly interact with the Department of supply chain management, and on whose support depends largely on the efficiency of the circuit.
Thus, the seminar is intended for
1. Of sales and marketing
2. Employees of the service and customer support
3. Experts in the field of information technology
4. Of personnel services
5. Financiers
6. Engineering and technical personnel
During the training the participants
1. learn what it means for business, the statement that the customer is always right
understand basic terminology and supply chains, and will see the impact of their work on the implementation of key business objective is the identification and effective customer satisfaction
2. understand how you can improve the processes of interaction of their departments with the Department of logistics and supply chain to the customers happy, the function worked properly, and the company's profit grew
The program of the seminar:
1. That means oriented on customer supply chain management?
2. The end user and supply chain management
3. The efficiency of the supply chain. Financial and non-financial benefits for the company
4. Key elements of a customer-centric supply chain management
5. The key processes that support customer-oriented supply chain management
6. Key success factors
Seminar presenter: Olga Khrushcheva, Russia's only certified instructor APICS CSCP.
The workshop duration: 2 days (16 hours).
Group size: from 6 to 16 people.
Cost: group up to 6 people - 150,000 rubles for the group, additional participants: from 7th to 10th inclusive - 12.000 rubles per person, from 11 to 16 inclusive - of 9,000 rubles per person.
When conducting a workshop outside Moscow takes into account the costs of trainers on travel and accommodation.
You can enjoy the seminar and ask questions via the order form on the website address or by phone+7(499) 922-06-22, +7 (917) 579-03-05
We will be glad to help you and answer all your questions!
* According to a study of Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2011 87% of respondents said the APICS number one among professional associations in the field of SCM