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The proposed secondary granule - analogues brands 277,273,158,153,276,277,508

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:FOP Korbachkov
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

The proposed SECONDARY GRANULE - analogues brands:
HDPE 293 - Designed for the production of packages of 25 microns.
Mon-277 - density Polyethylene used for the production method of molding Housewares, caps for aerosol packaging, bulky industrial products.
Mon-276 - By appointment similar to 277
HDPE 273 - For the production of gas and water pipes, fittings, adapters, for drinking water supply.
HDPE 271 - Designed for the manufacture of cable sheathing, as well as various technical, including electrical, products.
PE 6148 - Designed for the production of tubular film for the production of thin bags.
Linear low density polyethylene - Designed for the manufacture of extruded film for industrial packaging bags, for the manufacture of films and film products General purpose extrusion.
Composition of high-density polyethylene Composition is intended for processing by blow molding products in domestic and household purposes or for any other use.
LDPE 15803 highest grade - designed for the manufacture of foil bags, industrial products, pipes, fittings, packaging means, the jar lids.
LDPE 153 first grade - designed for applying insulation, cladding and protective wire and cable extrusion.
LDPE 108 - For the production of molded products of small and large size, well-shaped building products, applied as a coating corrosion protection apparatus and pipes working in harsh environments. Also on the basis of LDPE produced composition for insulation in the cable industry and film composition.
PE 69 - Manufacture of parts for pressure piping class PE-100.
PE 63 - For the production of pressure pipes.
PE 80, PE - 100 - For the manufacture of profiled moldings, fasteners, etc., For plastic pipe cold water supply, Sewerage, ventilation, gas supply systems, for the construction of external networks (pipelines, boreholes, gravity and pressure sewers, reclamation systems). For plugs, couplings, etc.
PP 01030, 21030 - For the production of stationery, film products, toys. The processing molding, extrusion.
PP 01130 - Designed for the manufacture of pipes, sheets, molded products, tapes, films, fibers, yarns, nonwovens, packaging materials, toys.
UPM-0508 - Designed for the manufacture of products, parts, electronics and home appliances, and consumer goods. And also for the production of polystyrene and polystyrene plates.
ABS-0809 - Designed for production and technical purposes.