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Corn Gran 240

Offer type: salePublished: 30.07.2019
Price:10 UAH
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana, Parkovskij Aleksandr
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Hybrid for various types of technologies. FAO 240

Can be sown at a soil temperature of 9 °C.
Can be grown in conventional and minimum tillage and
No-Till technology. Requires the optimal timing of harvesting.
It is possible to use for silage. Suitable for growing in monoculture.

The mass of 1000 grains 290-370 g

• plant height 230-245 cm

• powerful stem

• mounting height 100-110cm, 14-18 rows of grains, number of grains in an ear 550-640

• drought resistance of 8 points

• resistance to lodging 8 points

Recommended the density at harvest time:
65 000-70 000 pieces/ha...........drought conditions
75 000-85 000 pieces/ha...........area of sufficient moisture