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Mini tractor Jinma-404 (Jinma-404)

Offer type: продамPublished: 21.01.2020
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Hlevakha, Ukraine
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Multifunction tractor Jinma-404Е with mechanical all wheel drive is simple to operate and reliability. High build quality and versatility of the tractor corresponds to the European standards and requirements, but it allows you to refer to the technology acceptable price range.

Distinctive features of the tractor – all wheel drive, power steering, double disc clutch, the auxiliary valve, pre-heater. Installed a three-stage combination air cleaner, combining inertial and filtering methods of cleaning the air. The hydraulic system is equipped with two gear pumps for supplying fluid to the hydraulic system. In front of the radiator and muffler – protective mesh.

Front axle suspension, gantry type, i.e. with reduction gears that provides the size reduction of crankcase main transmission, improving traction characteristics of the tractor, an increase of agrotechnical clearance to 39 cm Swivel front axle allows to adapt to irregularities of the ground irrespective of the position of the core and the rear wheels.

To reduce slipping and improve traction of the driving wheels with the soil the tractor has a special device (corrugating wheels), which increases the load on the drive wheels. Front track (can be swapped) and rear wheels (rims demountable at the hub) is adjustable in a wide range.

The workplace ergonomics provide comfortable placement of controls and buttons light control with backlight, kickstand, grips on the fenders, tool box, stops in the pedals, brake and clutch, which prevents the slipping feet of the operator during operation. Padded seat with adjustable weight and height (a spring and hydraulic shock absorber) reduces the vibration of the tractor. A tapered seatback, improved lateral support, and optimum seat cushion angle of and multifunction ventilation channels create the most comfortable conditions. There is a hole for water drainage.

On the dashboard - hour counter, ammeter, indicators of coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, indicator lights direction indicators, battery light. A powerful alarm sound and alarm. Two spherical mirrors provide the required level of security and ease of management.

The block accumulates headlight high/low beam and dimensions. Front turns and markings (Parking) lights located on the rear fenders in two-piece front lights with white and orange diffusers. Section Parking light with a white diffuser includes a separate key. Two-piece tail lights with red and orange lenses and reflectors provide safe operation in the dark. Installed additional red reflectors. Rear working headlight used to work in the dark.

Additionally, you can buy loads of the rear wheels.

Wheel formula 4x4
Power, HP/kW 40/29.4
Number of cylinders 4
Working volume, cm3 2544
Fuel type diesel
Engine cooling liquid
The number of gears in the transmission (4+1)x2
Type clutch Dry, double-disk
Weight, kg 1600
Nominal tractive force, kN 8.8
The capacity of the sample, kg 670
Maximum speed, km/h 2.19-28.07
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3825/1625/2065
Wheelbase, mm 1833
Front wheels track, mm 1300
Rear track, mm 1150-1450
Ground clearance, mm 295
Differential lock is
The size of the front tires 7.5-16
The size of the rear tyres 11.2-28
Servo hydraulic
Parking brake brake drum
PTO, rotation speed, Rev/min. 540/720
Fuel tank capacity, l 35
Protection against accidental start-up is.
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