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NEO-yielding, drought-resistant hybrid under Granstar

Offer type: продамPublished: 23.10.2020
Price:1 UAH
Seller:nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Neo (108 – 110 days.) Hybrid Early maturing, tolerant to Granstar On the test at the 2014 plant Height is 180-185 cm, Diameter of basket 24-26 cm Yields in the competitive test 44 t/ha Potential yield is 55 t/ha • intensive growth in the early stages of development • high resistance to Broomrape and downy mildew • resistant to lodging and potranno and soil drought resistant to 6 races of the top (Broomrape) • adapted to different climatic and agrotechnical conditions, the oil Content 50-52 % Recommended Steppe, forest-Steppe.
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