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Equipment for the manufacture of permanent formwork of expanded polystyrene.

Offer type: salePublished: 04.05.2018
Seller:Lipov Vladimir Petrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
We constantly produce equipment for the manufacture of permanent formwork of expanded polystyrene.
Our company produces equipment for the manufacture of various items of permanent formwork.
The main advantage of applying the technology of permanent formwork of expanded polystyrene, is the possibility of erecting a multi-layered building envelope with high resistance to heat transfer.
In addition ,we manufacture a wide range of other construction equipment for manufacture of building materials.
Our plants are shipped directly from the manufacturer.
The offered products are of reasonable price.
Delivery from the manufacturer is always reasonable rates, and quality assurance.
Many years experience of manufacturing equipment, professionalism and competence.
The pledge of confidence in us - reliable equipment and quality, timely execution of orders.
Maybe you are interested in our other equipment for the production of sheet and block foam, polystyrene concrete, clinker facade thermal panels,foam concrete,penopolistirolbeton,cold boxes.
Steam generators for steam chambers. The polystyrene foam blowing agents,machines automatic cutting foam,crusher scrap foam.
And we also offer You our own books, technology polystryrene, foam, penopolistirolbeton.
Here is a list of our products for:
- permanent formwork of expanded polystyrene;
- foam;
- polystyrene;
the facade clinker thermal panels;
the cold box;
- penopolistirolbeton;
- sheet and block foam.
- steam generators for steam chambers;
- gerotor pumps;
the foam;
- mixers mortar;
- high-precision moulds for wall blocks,
- pneumonanthe building solutions.
Offer customers a convenient scheme of direct delivery.
It offers customers the best payment terms.
Our clients have appreciated a flexible system of discounts.
Here you will find the equipment You are interested, at affordable prices.
Responsibility. Decency. Reliability in everything.
And we also offer books on manufacturing techniques and materials.
It is a modern practical guide for young technologists.
The manufacturing technology of polystyrene - set of 9 books.
Manufacturing technology penopolistirolbeton - set of 10 books.
Manufacturing technology foam - set of 2 books.
Manufacturing technology foam generator for foam concrete. One book.
Detailed information about services and prices on our website