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Offer type: salePublished: 04.01.2014
Seller:Eremenko Yakov Ivanovich
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine, Fastiv
X-ray, 16600 UAH. Dental x-ray apparatus, BLX-10, portable. The device is very easy to work with in the clinic. This unit produces high quality x-ray images of the teeth, using a very low level of radiation, and therefore, when working with BLX-10 eliminates the need for special protection. This device is used to diagnose the condition of the teeth. The pictures reflect all the information needed by the dentist. The accurate setting - ensures good picture quality. The device is compact, lightweight and easy to transport. This x-ray machine is called "Green" This model has collected the best technology many instances of similar foreign and eliminated the disadvantages of conventional x-ray units (intensity current, high voltage, excessive emission of x-rays).