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Produce and sell spare parts for passenger cars

Offer type: salePublished: 13.05.2020
Company:Dnepropetrovskij elektro-mehanicheskij zavod
Seller:Muzyikin Pavel
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Remote control passenger cars on-Board voltage 50 V
Remote control passenger cars on-Board voltage 110 V
Box car high-voltage AVP - 50
Box car high-voltage AVP - 110
The panel of high-voltage circuit 50V , 110V
Loudspeaker wagon GW-1 TU 78.062-79
The voltage regulator BRNG 2B.231.7 - TR.378.768 , TR.514.046 , TR.790.330
Protection block BR - TR.388.078 , TR.388.024
The relay unit frequency BRC - TR.388.106.04, TR.387.806
The control unit of charge BUZ - TR.388.385
The control unit heating buo - TR.388.025
The voltage regulator generator BRNG-142-e-
The relay unit frequency BRC-142-e-
Protection block BR - 142-e-
Converter for razors 110/220V - 200 watts
Converter for razors 50/220V - 200 watts
Thyristor regulator generator excitation DRUG 2460.027
Ten high-voltage WAN 500/2000
The contactor 32 EMS (V)
Contactor 2KM-010 (50V,110V) (3000V, 25A TL.241.005)
Contactor 2KM-020 (50V,110V)
Contactor VG-16 (50V,110V)
Contactor VG-40 (50V,110V)
Contactor PDX DO
Contactor PDX DO
Air No. 305-001
Air No. 305-003
Air No. 242
Air No. 292
Sensor heating control of books 393.000
The handle is hinged doors 15 /40-5
The handle is hinged doors-Y15/27-2
Handle sliding door-Y15/40-2
Handle, side door OSTL-sh-01-76
Faucet sink (firecracker) 2-45-39A 9751-N
Lamb lobby door-Y15/25-2-1
Lamb castle side. end doors of the vestibule-Y15/27-3-1
Lamb doors from the vestibule into the car-Y15/29-1-1
Lamb lock the toilet door-Y15/33-1
Lamb castle door coupe-Y15/40-4
The valve of the toilet drain 9739-N area (compartment car)
The valve of the toilet drain 9690-N (parlor car)
The valve 190
The toilet compartment coach with PED. mechanism (left)
The ring and the toilet lid Assembly 23-220.87-00 SAT
The fastening ring and lid 23-220.87-00 SAT
Factory warranty
Work on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, etc
LLC Dnipropetrovsk electro-mechanical plant
phone +380675623886
phone +380934678159
Fax. +380563757839