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Make and sell the ALSN equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 13.05.2020
Company:Dnepropetrovskij elektro-mehanicheskij zavod
Seller:Muzyikin Pavel
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Equipment USNV-1-D
The decoder DSCW-1-D
The amplifier of the criminal code 25/50M-D
The mailbox 524.50.60
The coil of the CPU-1 36828-201-00
Coil KPU-2 36828-101-00
Reel KP-RS ABGR.060.00.00
Coil FRI 22124-00-00
Coil PE 1362-00-00
The traffic light locomotive C2-5-M
Arm vigilance RB-80
Box terminal KS-3 22148-00-00
The electropneumatic valve hitchhiking EPA-150
The control unit vigilance BKB-1
The control unit spontaneous departure of trains L
The control units vigilance L-159
The control units vigilance L-143
Block light alarm CH-143/L
The control unit spontaneous departure of trains CH-168
The speed gauge locomotive SL-2M
Tape speed-measuring P-376
Factory warranty
Work on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, etc
LLC Dnipropetrovsk electro-mechanical plant
phone +380675623886
phone +380934678159
Fax. +380563757839