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Providing accounting services

Offer type: servicesPublished: 16.01.2008
Seller:Orekhov Leonid
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Address:Republic of Lithuania
Providing accounting services, book-keeping management, accounting tracking for firms, organisations and entrepreneurs are main directions of activity of ” Mokslo kampelis “.
We offer our clients to refer the following accounting services to our professional personnel - preparing and reporting
book-keeping records, balance-sheets, ” zero balance-sheets“, etc.
We offer book-keeping services and management of accounts departments for private persons and entrepreneurs.
We prepare accountants, training and teaching them basics of accounting principles and systems of taxation. After finishing our accounting courses, the graduates are successfully working for firms, organisations or organise their own business.
We provide following accounting services:
* preparing primary documentation about economic operations
* book-keeping management due to all registers
* arrangement of register accounts
* payroll accounting, wage calculation, calculation of wage taxes
* tax calculations
* preparing necessary forms of book-keeping and tax reports according to the legislative norms
* accounting and tax registration
* safekeeping of accounting documents and other documents, which were provided by our clients or created during the working process
* confidential handling, guarantee of intact maintenance of all documents, granting access to information only with permission from owner
* representation of your interests in interaction with tax authorities and state institutions (also by conduction of tax inspections)
It is advantageous for you:
- Our services save your costs. After signing the contract on provision of accounting services, you do not need to pay for an internal accountant. The labour costs decrease, as well as wage taxes and costs of the working place equipment. Software and literature costs shrink along with the costs for additional office space.
- We are responsible for the entire guidance of the
book-keeping procedures and correctness of accounting supervision. We take response for our mistakes.
- You can refer your accounting records to our accountants any time and in any state of accounting documents.
E.g., if your accountant cancelled his job or has become ill before the balance-sheet submission date and you have no time for searching for a new accountant, our company is glad to offer you such accounting services, as arrangement of balance-sheets, handing over accounting and tax reports and correction of mistakes, made by your accountant(s).
Our advantages:
Highly qualified personnel with extensive work experience is occupied in our company. Our professional accountants have a university degree. Our employees visit various seminars and training courses on time. We pursue every change in the legislation and tax policies. We complete accounting services for companies according to the modern methods of the accounting principles.
Individual approach
The basic principle of our activity is cooperation with a client in such way, as if he/she were our one and only customer. The quality of provided services forms the basis of our activity.
Confidentiality of information, provided by our clients, is extremely important for us. We are obliged to preserve secrecy of document contents according to the strict standards of information protection and information confidentiality maintenance.